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  David Crisky
London, UK
"Many thanks to eMobiStudio. It helps me turn my lazy BB 8830 to a worker bee. :0 One thing I should admit is that I really do too much work on my BB. And I believe the high workload is the main reason that it runs slowly and unstably. With MemoryUp's tune-up, my BB works more smoothly and stably now! Highly recommended!"
  Robert Henman
"I have been using this small software for a month. There are some features I'd like to share:
1). It really boosts my Nokia E62 up. The speed of other J2me applications is accelerated by as much as 30%.
2). The effect of a quick boost usually last for about 15-20 minutes. So I recommend setting a 30-minute auto-boost to continuously release unused memory.
3). MemoryUp does take some memory to run, but I think it is well worthy. With only a little memory at expense, you can experience a much improved performance with your smartphone. Why not? "
  Kevin Rowland
Chicago, IL
"I tried this small application a week before I decided to order the full version. It really does what it says. My T-Mobile G1 runs more smoothly after running it under the background. It is awesome! Even my G1's battery lasts longer now."
  Nicholas Koehler
"I wish to commend you on producing such an outstanding and highly functional piece of software for Windows Mobile Smartphones. I run a number of applications on my Moto Q 9M, and since installing MemoryUp, I have seen a noticeable increase in performance. Your customer support is also excellent!"
  George Mahon
Washington, US
"I have been using MemoryUp mobile RAM booster for a while and I really like this small but useful mobile software. Today I emailed eMobi Support for purchasing options. I was replied in 20 minutes with a detailed description of purchasing procedures and options for my Blackberry. A minute ago I made my purchase. Feeling good!"
  Stuehling Thomas
"I have tried many so-called optimization software on my BB pearl. None of them are effective. But this time MemoryUp makes me very happy. The most obvious thing is that now I can send and receive emails faster than ever. It is more smoothly to open and read email while MemoryUp is running in the background. My internet connection also seems to be more stable now. This is very important to me. Thanks, MemoryUp!"
If your cellphone is running slow or runs out of memory from time to time, then you should try this application. It will make a difference.
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