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Jan. 05, 2009-  MemoryUp Pro v2.7 Android Edition is released

Oct. 08, 2008- eMobiStudio releases MemoryUp Personal v2.7

Sep. 30, 2008- eMobiStudio's Wap Site launches online

Sep. 06, 2008- eMobiStudio releases MemoryUp Pro v2.7

Apr. 25, 2008- eMobiStudio releases MemoryUp Pro v2.5

Feb. 29, 2008- eMobiStudio releases MemoryUp Pro v2.2

Nov. 04, 2007- Order MemoryUp version 2.0 with 20% Holiday Season Discount

Oct. 18, 2007- eMobiStudio releases MemoryUp Pro v2.0

Sep. 20, 2007-Partnership with Trialpay to offer free MemoryUp

Sep. 11, 2007-MemoryUp wins "The Latest & Greatest Application" awards on Handango

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Aug. 22, 2007- MemoryUp wins "Top Seller" awards at Sony Ericsson' P1-Choice Program

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boost mobile phone memory

memoryup version 2.7

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MemoryUp Professional ( Free to Try )  

Award-Winning Mobile RAM Booster  

MemoryUp Pro is designed to tackle the most difficult but crucial issue of memory management for smartphone users. It helps your smartphone run at optimum speed by efficiently defragmenting your smartphone's memory, recovering memory leaks from poorly behaved applications, flushing unused libraries temporarily out of memory, and so on. By all these optimization technics, your favorite applications and games will run smoothly and efficiently even on old cell phones.

Feature Highlights:

- Real-time Mobile Memory Status Report & Monitor

- One-click Quick Boosting

- Auto-boosting in the Background

- Setting Your Performance Target

- Smartphone Crash Protection

- Fully optimized for BlackBerry and Smartphones

- And There is More..


       BlackBerry Edition              Symbian Edition

Android Edition


    Windows Mobile Edition             J2ME Edition

boost mobile phone memory

memoryup version 2.7

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MemoryUp Personal  ( 100% Freeware )   

 One Click to Boost Cell Phone

MemoryUp Personal is a handy mobile RAM monitoring and boosting tool specially designed for smartphone users. It is a lite edition of MemoryUp Pro, which will keep your smartphone running fast and efficiently. It enhances your cell phone performance by making more memory available for both your applications and the mobile system.

Features Highlight:

- Real-time Mobile Memory Status Report & Monitor

- One-click Quick Boosting  

- Fully optimized for BlackBerry & Smartphones


BlackBerry Edition            Symbian Edition

Android Edition


      Windows Mobile Edition            J2ME Edition

best boost mobile software

"My friend recommended it to me a week ago, and I just tried it today. All I can say is, this little software is awesome. I've never taken such a close look at my N71's memory. It has really boosted up my N71.
I use MobFinance to track my stock everyday. Now it runs much faster. Even the network access is more stable. A-W-E-S-O-M-E"

Tonny Liu from Hongkong (07/04/2008)

best boost mobile software

"I have tried many so-called optimization software on my BB pearl. None of them are effective. But this time MemoryUp makes me very happy. The most obvious thing is that now I can send and receive emails faster than ever. It is more smoothly to open and read email while MemoryUp is running in the background. My internet connection also seems to be more stable now. This is very important to me. Thanks, MemoryUp!"

Stuehling Thomas from Germany (12/21/2007)


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