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Kevin Rowland

Chicago, IL



"I tried this small application a week before I decided to order the full version. It really does what it says. My T-Mobile G1 runs more smoothly after running it under the background. It is awesome! Even my G1's battery lasts longer now."


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MemoryUp - Mobile RAM Booster


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MemoryUp Personal  

Personal Mobile Memory & RAM Booster

Item Number: 700015  ||   Version: 2.70  ||   Price: $0.00

File Information:
Last Updated on 01/08/2009
Version 2.70
10 sec download @ 300Kb/s

Product Activation
This product is 100% freeware which requires no registration key to unlock the free version. 

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  MemoryUp Personal: Boost Up Your Mobile Experience

Is your cell phone running slow? Have your programs become irresponsive after the smartphone running awhile? Then your smartphone needs a boost, a Memory Boost! MemoryUp Personal Edition helps you to monitor your mobile memory and recover memory leaks. Read on to boost your smartphone memory.

Product Description

MemoryUp Personal is a handy mobile RAM monitoring & boosting tool specially designed for Android OS smartphone users. It is a lite edition of MemoryUp Pro, which will keep your smartphone running fast and efficiently. It increases your cell phone performance by making more memory available for both your applications and mobile system.

MemoryUp Personal is optimized for all series of Android OS smartphones, which can monitor your mobile system in the background, freeing resources as needed. It uses many advanced features to keep your smartphone running at optimum speed. But more importantly, it's designed with all users in mind; whether you're an experienced user or a novice, MemoryUp Personal will give you the features you want without confusing or limiting you.

Praised by both individual users and large corporations alike, MemoryUp Personal is the best utility application of its type. MemoryUp Personal represents eMobiStudio's  best technical and design efforts to bring you a technically superior, yet easy-to-use memory management application.

Currently MemoryUp Personal is available for free download

MemoryUp Personal Screenshots

MemoryUp Screenshots


Product Features

Here are just some of the great features of MemoryUp Personal:       

      • Real-time Mobile Memory Status Report & Monitor

MemoryUp Personal gives you professional, easy-to-read status report on your smartphone's memory usage. A live chart demonstrates your total available memory and current memory usage. MemoryUp Personal makes it easy to see how well your smartphone is performing, and whether your system is overloaded.      

       • One-click Quick Boosting

In addition to monitoring and reclaiming your memory automatically, MemoryUp Personal allows you to boost your memory manually. By using the Quick Boost feature, you can observe as MemoryUp Personal reclaims more memory for your system. In the mean time, Quick Boost will smartly remember the settings that work best for your smartphone.

       • Full optimized for all series of Android OS smartphones


Pro Vs Personal (Comparison)     

Update Log

Version 2.7 (Jan 08, 2009)

1. Support for OTA upgrade directly from eMobiStudio's Wap Site

2. Support for new models of J2ME supported Smartphones

3. Optimization on Real-time Memory Analysis algorithm



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