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    Price: $2.99
    The Ultimate BlackBerry Keyboard Shortcut Manager
    -- As testified by thousands of our users worldwide, HotkeyManager provides the most convenient hotkey utility to BlackBerry applications, system utilities and phone calls for quick launch purpose. Boosting up your mobile experience is just one click away!



    Most BlackBerry hotkeys are assigned by specific BlackBerry theme. Users can not modify them at will. At the same time, the quantity of hotkeys is also seriously limited by the theme, which brings a lot of trouble to BlackBerry users.

    HotkeyManager is a must-have keyboard shortcut manager for BlackBerry owners. With HotkeyManager, you can easily create and manage BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts to applications, phone calls and system utilities for your BlackBerry.

    HotkeyManager seamlessly integrates with the BlackBerry OS and helps you convert your daily tasks and various BlackBerry functions to a list of keyboard shortcuts. With HotkeyManager, You can setup shortcuts to BlackBerry applications (such as Alarm, Calendar, Google Maps, HotkeyManager, NetworkAcc and Texas Hold'Em King 2, etc.), shortcuts to phone calls by simply adding contacts from your BlackBerry contacts, and shortcuts to BlackBerry system utilities (such as Open/Close WiFi, Open/Close Signal, Camera, Email/SMS/MMS/PIN, and Shutdown BlackBerry, etc.). All the tedious scrolling and searching now turns into a single hotkey-click.

    Boosting up your mobile experience is just one click away!

    Currently HotkeyManager is available for Free Trial Download



    Product Features

    Here are just some of the great features of HotkeyManager (BlackBerry Keyboard Shortcut Manager):

      - Assign single-letter shortcuts to your favorite tasks/applications, 53 shortcuts (including space bar shortcut) available!

      - One click to launch BalckBerry applications, such as: Alarm, BlackBerry Maps, BlackBerry Messenger, Browser, Calendar, Clock, Contacts, Facebook, Google Maps, Help, NetworkAcc, Now Playing, Pandora, Search and Texas Hold'Em King 2, etc.

      - One click to launch phone calls by simply adding contacts from your BlackBerry contacts to the shortcut list (Speed Dialer)

      - One click to launch BlackBerry system utilities such as, Flashlight, Open/Close WiFi, Open/Close Bluetooth Toggle, Turn On / Off LED, Open/Close Signal, Camera, Email/SMS/MMS/PIN, Lock and Shutdown BlackBerry, etc.

      - Activated from anywhere with a single click of 'Space', 'P' or any other letter you like ( except for those letters locked by BlackBerry's system)

      - No more worries about losing your shortcuts when upgrading/changing BlackBerry or its software.

      - One Click to launch 'Screen Capture' function

      - Fully optimized for QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY keypad


    HotkeyManager is a must-have keyboard shortcut manager for BlackBerry owners. With HotkeyManager, you can easily create and manage shortcuts to applications, phone calls and system utilities for your BlackBerry.
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    File Information:

    Last Updated: 04/09/2010
    Version: 1.8.1 (New!)
    File Size: 661 KB (User Manual Included)
    Download Time: 10 seconds download @ 300Kb/s
    Product Activation: This product requires a registration key to unlock to the full version. Your registration key will be provided at purchase. It will be shown on the mobile software download page and within your order confirmation email.
    Update History: Update Log
    User Manual: Download

    Update Log

    Version 1.8.1 (Apr. 09, 2010)
    1. New function added: Screen Capture
    2. New language support for Spanish & Chinese
    3. New options added: Check for Update, Tell a friend, and Set Application Permissions, etc.
    4. Optimization on user interface 

    Version 1.7 (Mar. 04, 2010)
    1. Optimization on HotkeyManager's application list: exploiting more apps for hotkey launching!
    2. New hotkeys available: Bluetooth Toggle (Hotkey to open and close Bluetooth), Now Playing.., Flashlight using camera light, Help, etc.
    3. New options added: Besides self-launching key 'Q' or 'P', now users can setup Homescreen Hotkey to quick launch HotkeyManager at will.
    4. New options added: One click to Backup/Restore activation code, hotkey configuration and options for HotkeyManager

    Version 1.6 (Feb. 11, 2010)
    1. New hotkeys support added: BlackBerry Maps, BlackBerry Messenger, Now Playing, Clock, Pandora, etc.
    2. Improvements on more easy-to-use hotkey selection list
    3. Fully optimized for BlackBerry OS 5.0
    4. Support for quick launch without assigning a hotkey to applications, phone calls and system utilities
    5. New HotkeyManager option added: Hide After Run Hotkey (User can choose whether to automatically hide HotkeyManager after executing a hotkey)

    Version 1.5 (Jan. 14, 2010)
    1. New functions added: Flashlight, Turn On/Off LED
    2. Improvements on application list selection
    3. Optimizations on more easy-to-use user interface
    4. Other minor code optimizations

    Version 1.3 (Dec. 18, 2009)
    1. New function added: One click to quick launch phone calls & BlackBerry system utilities
    2. Improvements on user-friendly interface
    3. Optimizations for QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY keypad
    4. Official release of hotkey manager

    Version 1.0 (Nov. 05, 2009)
    1. Beta test of new mobile applications on different phone models
    2. Bug Fix

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    HotkeyManager (BlackBerry Keyboard Shortcut Manager)
    Price: $2.99

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