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Feature Request / suggestion

Postby ektorbarajas » Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:51 pm


I think that the following feature would be great:

To implement in Memory Up Pro a function that executes a deep analysis and tests of the device, and based on the results then provides the optimal configuration for Memory Up Pro.

Memory up could analyse CPU, OS version, JVM, RAM, RAM speed, simulate a RAM fill & free routine, analyse time it took to fill & free ram, test the performance and impact of applying each of the "advanced settings":

- Force System large cache
- Prohibit disk swapping
- Allocate critical threads
- Remove unused thread
- Disable time stamps
- Autoboost on system idle

This will help to get out the most of the device by applying the optimum parameters, also Memory Up could tell automatically what are the implications for specific changes like more battery consumption, etc.

This feature will result in boosting the mobile with state-of-the-art technology and having a smoother mobile experience

Since to my understanding, this feature will require great programming skills and a lot of work, there could be a new version of the program called "MemoryUp Premium" that includes all what MemoryUp pro has plus this advanced algorithm.

I will definitely pay 20 to 30% more to have such advanced MemoryUp version.

Just my .50c

Kind regards
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