How to Choose the Best Blue Tooth Cell Phone and Headset

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How to Choose the Best Blue Tooth Cell Phone and Headset

Postby tina » Tue Nov 10, 2009 3:39 am

How to choose the best blue tooth cell phone and headset is best answered by first understanding what they are and then deciding what you want. Blue Tooth is a wireless technology consisting of a very small chip and generally cell phones are known as ‘Blue Tooth enabledî and headsets, ear buds and other receiving devices are referred to as Blue Tooth devices. What began as a limited idea to allow a computer to communicate with a printer expanded and hit the cell phone market hard.
It’s convenient and it’s small and can be relatively expensive. So, let’s begin.


Step 1
Step number 1 in how to choose the best blue tooth cell phone begins by knowing you will be paring up two separate devices. Your cell phone must be Blue Tooth enabled, and the headset must meet your personal standards for use. Perhaps you already have a Blue Tooth enabled cell phone, meaning one with the chip installed. If so, you are good to go to the next step. If not, then you will need to choose a cell phone with the chip installed and enabled. Select the blue tooth enabled cell phone that fits your budgets and your needs.

Step 2
Your cell phone is chosen and is Blue Tooth enabled or compatible. Now, how to choose the best Blue Tooth cell phone headset? There are many variables in these headsets. Do you want yours to go over the ear? Do you want ear buds? What circumstances will you be using the headphones or ear buds in? Find the most comfortable style for you. However the selection process is not over yet.

Step 3
The next factor is the noise reduction in a blue tooth cell phone head set. To be an effective accessory you will need to be able to hear over some background noise. A more expensive device will be necessary on a construction site as opposed to if you just use it in the car over the low background hum there.

Step 4
A Blue Tooth headset, or listening device is battery powered and intended to allow you to use your cell phone more or less remotely. However it will need to be charged intermittently. How long do you need your Blue Tooth cell phone to hold a charge? If you frequently make long trips you will need a better quality and probably more expensive headset than if you are only use it around the house where it is easy to plug in.

Step 5
Budget is a factor, a big one, in how to choose the best blue tooth cell phone and headset. Together the pair can cost less than a hundred dollars, or the price can go way up. You are buying 2 separate devices (if your current cell phone doesn’t have blue tooth technology) usually so it is important to make sure that it conforms to what you want in a cell phone, what is comfortable in a head set or listening device and finally how much you wish to spend.

Tips & Warnings
It might seem a little like a balancing act but the truth is that the longer this technology is around the less people have to agonize over how to choose the best blue tooth cell phone, because it becomes less expensive and more options are added to even the lower end products.
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